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Providing non-traditional solutions to Indian corporations that can help increase revenue growth, enhance net income, and strengthen the balance sheet
Trade Credit Insurance

Instanex Insurance Brokers is India’s leading specialist broker for trade credit insurance and associated financing arrangements. We provide innovative, structured solutions to progressive companies that wish to increase sales and profitability without taking on undue risk. Our research-based, analytical approach has delivered flexible coverage, generally at lower than anticipated cost, to companies of all sizes, ranging from the Indian subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies to large and medium Indian companies selling to buyers located in the domestic and international markets. Our value added services have allowed CFOs to optimize their financing arrangements  against receivables and greatly reduce the hassle associated with granting and monitoring credit limits to buyers located all over the world. Our strengths are our people, approach and systems, backed by 25 years of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Instanex is arguably the only established broker in India for trade credit insurance. We have provided an insurance solution to structure India’s first credit-enhanced, structured loan that has received the highest provisional credit rating from CRISIL – AAA (so). We understand the needs of CFOs and structure insurance solutions to satisfy them.


The division boasts a highly experienced team of specialists, supported by excellent processes and systems, including a database that includes the claims paying record of insurers, regardless of economic conditions around the world. We have a firm grasp of economic and legal complexities in India and overseas, so clients rely on us for advice and expertise.

Risk Management Advice

We assist clients in understanding their exposures and present various options that allow them to manage risk. Some of these options use insurance and others do not. We design and implement customized solutions that use the optimum combination of risk avoidance, risk retention and risk transfer.

Insurance Placement

Our insurance placement desk places insurance with providers based on our knowledge and experience of their credit quality, expertise, service and cost. Our services include:


  • Providing insurers an understanding of the client’s objectives 

  • Obtaining quotes from insurers with required terms 

  • Analyzing quotes obtained from insurers 

  • Recommending options to client 

  • Placing the insurance after consulting the client

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