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Serving asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, banks and broker dealers.
Proprietary Indexes

Instanex is among the leading Indian index developers with unique investable indexes including Skindia GDR Index, IIT Index, Instanex Insider Index, Instanex FII Index, Instanex DII Index, Instanex Individual Investor Index, and  Instanex Mumbai Factor Rate. All indexes are available for licensing for ETFs and structured products.

Market Access Products

We provide market access products to all categories of investors that wish to gain exposure to Indian equities and debt. Apart from the P-Note, we have developed an exchange-listed 'FDR' structure for overseas home market access to indian mutual and alternative asset funds.

Market Structure Consulting

Our detailed analysis of India's financial market structures and participants makes us uniquely qualified to advise on market entry strategies for hedge funds and financial firms like brokers and asset managers. We generally assist clients in exploiting these opportunities with multi-year contracts.

ETF Consulting

We provide multi-year consulting and support in ETF strategy development and implementation, including for global markets. Our team has extensive knowledge of and contacts within multiple ETF markets across the globe.

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