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Supporting Indian and global financial and non-financial corporations and institutions with strategic M&A advice, capital raising, balance sheet restructuring, and risk management expertise
Strong Track Record

Instanex’s track record of providing creative solutions in complex and critical mandates for more than two decades has made the firm a leading choice for India’s top entrepreneurs and managers. Key reasons for our continued success are an independent, conflict-free structure, an experienced and respected team, and an ability to tap the intellectual capital of the entire firm. This enables us to achieve compelling results for our clients.

Respected Team

Our Financial Advisory team is highly regarded for its expertise in a wide range of financial and strategic services, including private placements, structured products, alliances and joint ventures. We have advised the top management of some of the largest companies in India, USA and Europe over the past decade on critical matters that impact their financial and strategic objectives. We have also assisted in developing new businesses and products for leading global companies.

Solution-oriented Approach

Instanex’s innovative thinking provides strategic solutions to complex problems. Thais has been achieved by leveraging our extensive structured products expertise to develop a creative financial solution to a specialized client need, or working through complex legal and capital considerations to arrive at the optimal capital structure in a restructuring.


Our goal is to be a long-term strategic financial advisor to our clients. That means providing objective, unbiased advice and the readiness to advise against a transaction if it does not meet the needs of the client.

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