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Instanex Group

Instanex and its founder have provided solutions to capital market participants and corporations in India, Europe and USA since 1992. 

We serve the entire chain of participants in India's capital markets. Equity and debt buyers, sellers, brokers, custodians, depositories and fund companies use our in-depth research and consulting services, unique market access products, hedge funds and proprietary indexes to refine strategy or gain broad or tactical exposure to market segments and themes.


Indian and global corporations retain us for boutique, global investment banking or to manage financial and operational risk using structured insurance solutions. We have aided some of India’s largest corporate groups in strategic acquisitions and in optimizing financial structures using insurance-based credit enhancement. We also provide the full range of general and life insurance brokerage services in India.

We are among India's leading innovators in capital and insurance markets with many 'firsts' in equity indexes, ETF structures, market access products, and credit enhancement solutions.


Instanex has long-term client relationships, with most over 19 years old. We have acheived this by focussing on long-term objectives without ignoring short-term imperatives, and by working within our framework of Principles.

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