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Instanex Group companies are regularly acknowledged for successful financial and insurance innovations since 1992.


Our unique indexes, market access products, investment strategies, consulting, M&A advisory, and structured insurance products are used by some of the world's leading hedge funds, asset managers, institutional investors, and financial and non-financial corporations.


The Instanex Group has provided solutions to capital market participants and corporations in India, Europe and USA since 1992. 

We are among India's leading innovators in capital and insurance markets with many 'firsts' in equity indexes, ETF structures, market access products, and credit enhancement solutions.


Founded by Mr. Gautam Chand, Skindia Finance started operations in Mumbai in 1992, Instanex Capital was incorporated in New York in 1999, in Mumbai in 2000, and Instanex Insurance Brokers was licensed in India in 2003 and in UK in 2005. The group is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Skindia Finance starts OTC Exchange operations - becomes largest dealer by 1994
Designs India's first Participatory Note and launches in USA in 1996
Launches world's first GDR Index - Skindia GDR Index
Develops India's largest GDR arbitrage business
Co-constructs NSE's Nifty Index. Among top-10 brokers on NSE
Instanex incorporated in USA. Registers service-mark SuGaR for US financial markets
Instanex incorporated in India. Starts co-management for market-neutral portfolio
Launches IRDA-licensed insurance brokerage operations
Structures India's earliest insurance-linked credit enhancement with AAA rating
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